Monday, November 17, 2008

My World Tuesday


This is the painting hanging in the lobby high up on the brick wall above the stairs to the second floor mezzanine of the Administration Building of Queensborough Community College.

I pass it every time I go to work. All my classes are in the Admin building.

I interpret it to depict the bombing of the World Trade Center. I think you can see the two towers. It took me a long time, though, to see the path of the planes on either side of each tower. Do you see that? Tell me what you think in your comments.

The painting isn't signed so right now I can't give credit to the artist. I wish I could.

So This is My World this Tuesday. Hope you like it.

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fishing guy said...

Mary: It is easy to see once you know what you are looking for. Thanks for sharing this neat painting.

fishing guy said...
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kjpweb said...

Interesting painting - I wouldn't have guessed what it was supposed to show. Not with someone pointing it out.
Cheers, Klaus

Carletta said...

Like the angle and how you highlighed the painting Mary.

ewok1993 said...

Very interesting piece of work. Now that you mention it, yes I can interpret it that way.

Migs CFL fan said...

Very unique painting. Thanks for sharing!

Regina In Pictures

Bobbie in Hawaii said...

It's attractive, regardless of what it was intended to symbolize, but I'm glad for your explanation. I might not have thought of that.

Leslie: said...

Now that you tell us what it is, I see it. But sorry, I wouldn't call it great art.

The Good Life in Virginia said...

yes...with your pointing it out it is easy to see that...a very different interpretation of 911.
thank you for sharing it with all of us.

have a wonderful week.


imac said...

Has'nt got that eye appeal for me, but certainly has the meaning behind it.GreaT POST Mary.

MaryAnn Ashley said...

You captured the artwork really well. It alone is interesting & then the angel is also interesting.

It doesn't make me think of 9/11 though. I see the two towers, but the airplane depiction isn't working for me.

Wren said...

I'm glad you interpreted it for us. As others have remarked, I can see it once you point it out, but don't think I would have seen that meaning in it on my own.

maryt/theteach said...

It's my interpretation without any information...just my guess! But I think it fits! :)

Digital Polaroids said...

Teach, the painting is beautiful and your interpretation too.
Thanks for sharing your world

Dianne said...

I could even assume that the break in the white line/tower is the collapse

I love your photo, the angle, the light but I don't really like the artwork - leaves me with a cold feeling.