Saturday, January 3, 2009

SOOC Sunday


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My SIL is from a small island off the coast of Sicily called Panarea. She has this icon hanging on the wall of her garage.

The Trinacria, the symbol of Sicily
The Trinacria, an ancient symbol of Sicily, is a triangle that evokes the physical form of the island. It represents a mythological figure with three legs, known in Greek as Triske'eles (three legged ) or in Latin as Triquetra ( with three points/vertexes ). Therefore the name Trinacria originated from this aspect with three points which gave, probably during the Hellenic era, the strange and characteristic symbology of this gorgon figure with three legs, even adopted on some coins during the Greek domination and later becoming the official symbol of the island. Scholars agree that it is an ancient icon from the Middle East, probably representing the god Baal or the Sun, in its triple form of God of Spring, Summer and Winter. It was also supposed that it represented the Moon, presenting sometimes the crescent instead of the legs.
In the center is the head of Medusa with wings and snakes.



Jan said...

Man, that is fearsome. Great photo, Mary.

walk2write said...

I love it! I think it would be a good emblem to paint on every door and scare away potential thieves. Thanks for the interesting information, Mary.

splummer said...

Hi Mary,
Beautiful emblem! Thanks for sharing!! And thank your SIL for sharing! Have a great day!


Dianne said...

I love all the detail in the face and all the angles

great shot Mary!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Three legs? There must be a story behind that!