Sunday, March 29, 2009

SOOC Sunday


Thought you might want to see the new NYC Taxi. A little yellow hatchback. This is a Toyota. There are other fuel efficient cars and hybrids too. You want to know the taxi rates?

$2.50 just for getting in
$.50 for each 1/4 mile
$.50 for each 30 seconds stopped in traffic
$1.00 additional night charge
Plus, tip in the range of 15-20 percent.

The design of the "NYC Taxi" logo you see above was designed by Wolff Olins. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has ordered all city taxis to operate on hybrid engines by 2012 as part of his drive to reduce air pollution.

The typical yellow taxi has been the Crown Victoria and before that the Checker cab. The Crown Vic which makes up right now the majority of NYC taxicab fleet gets 14 miles per gallon.

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Jan said...

We'll be in MYC in May, We usually do a combo of walking and taxiing. This year we may try the bus. Love you photo, and thanks for playing along, today.