Friday, April 24, 2009

Purple Photo Passion - Week 1

Erika of Purple Photo Passion has a new meme. Check it out here.

I think my pansies will do... won't they Erika?

Good luck on your new meme! Purple's a great choice!


boliyou said...

Your pansies are perfectly purple! Thanks for playing along!

barb said...

They're gorgeous! I just adore pansies! We had about 300 of them all around the house last year. My Dad decided not to put any annuals or vegetables out this year since they will be gone for 2 months this summer. I have a reputation for forgetting to water the plants. My bad.

walk2write said...

Love the purple petunias. Are they the "wave" variety? If so, they'll make your container overflow with color this summer.

Dianne said...

love your flowers! I played along as well, you and I look awesome on Mr Linky together ;)

purple is my favorite color - along with black

my sons calls it "her attachment to the colors of death" ;)

Ruminations said...

They're LOVELY ;--)
I shared purples too ... just because.
Hugs and blessings,