Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Purple Photo Passion #9

Caught this young lady walking along on the campus of Queensborough Community College, Bayside, N.Y.

Never thought to match boots and umbrella... in purple no less!

Boliyou hosts this meme.


barb said...
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barb said...

And her bag is purple, too! She's got a great head of red hair! And it seems, the attention of that dude on his cell phone.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who thinks the boots a horrific - am I really so intolerant - or these boots are over the top. In the spirit of staying positive - the city needs color - why not? Her hair is gorgeous!

Sherrie said...

Hi Mary,
I like her boots. They are nice, the young men seem to like what they see also! Thanks for stopping by my new place. Have a great evening!


boliyou said...

Great purple boots. She has a whole ensemble going.

Thanks for playing!