Saturday, June 13, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday

SUMMER STOCK SUNDAY is a new meme hosted by Robin at Around the Island.

The playground looked like a garden of RED flowers in the distance.

Surfer contemplates waves.

Dunes are in bad condition

Noseful of salt water

We visited Robert Moses State Park today. A bit chilly, a bit sunny. Lovely and relaxing.

Go over to Robin's and see what everyone else is doing for Summer Stock Sunday...


Robin said...

I love this series Mary, especially the Keep off the Dunes shot - that one is postcard perfect - and the guy with the water up his nose made me cringe in empathy.

(PS Your link on the linkie is broken. You might want to reenter it when you have a sec.)

ellievellie said...

They do look like flowers! I can't surf! Looks too dificult for me. I love to hear the big water - the sound charges me for the rest of the year with calm :)

This Eclectic Life said...

The playground is an inspired shot. And, I felt the salt water in MY nose, too. The colors are so clear and beautiful, Mary. Thanks for letting me experience the beach vicariously!

Dianne said...

the entire series is wonderful, I really like the top shot