Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday


Summer is always time for going to the park. Jarome loves the swings and we love watching him on them!

I hope Robin forgives me for being late with this post but yesterday we celebrated Father's Day and all the fathers were at my house: Jarome's Dad (my nephew); Jarome's maternal grandfather, Johnson; Uncle Vinny (Jarome's grand-uncle). Jarome's paternal grandfather was still down in Florida wishing he was here to celebrate. Jarome wished Nonno was here too.

Robin has all her participants up on her blog here


hip chick said...

What a great photo. I have one like it of my daughter in a swing like that...of course it's much older since she's 18 now.
The beach in my blog is the Atlantic but I'm a bit further north in New England. It's funny how you can pick out "your" ocean.

ellievellie said...

Grandfathers tend to draw a special smile in kids - they have a unique way of spoiling the little ones :)

Julia Smith said...

Love the photo - especially with some of the action happening slightly out of the frame. I can already see the man this little guy will become.

kaye said...

so cute, I spend a lot of time at the park during the summer as well. Is this your home page? this weeks summer stock photo can be seen here

Robin said...

Looks like the perfect way to spend a holiday. Real life should always take precedence over blogging.

Jarome is getting so big now, what a heartbreaker he's going to be one day.