Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Stock Sunday

Robin hosts this hot, summery meme!


To swim, not to swim, or just be very, very careful...

Go on over to Summer Stock Sunday and visit Robin's other participants.


Robin said...

That shovel is nearly as big as he is :).

How confusing that they've got all three flags out at once.

Good to have you with us again this week Mary, I'm glad to see you're feeling better.

sonia a. mascaro said...

Great photo!

kaye said...

be very careful, the little one with the shovel is adorable.

my summer stock photo can be seen here

Anonymous said...

Does this mean it is green flag weather? Jerome looks determined to build the biggest castle ever!

Leora said...

Doesn't look like the warmest day, by the way he's dressed and the lack of folks in the water. But it does look like fun for a guy with a shovel.

Heather said...

to swim or not to swim is a very good question.
My guesses for the Flags are
Yellow = merge with jelly fish
Green = Go fish
Red= too late your Shark bait

Dianne said...

the shovel is gigantic! Robin made me laugh
I guess all was green that day, it is a bit confusing

Joyce said...

Guess the flags mean just sit and wait until they make up their minds:) Great shot.

amanda said...

Stop, go or yield what's a kid to do? Robin is right too that shovel is as big as he is! Very cute Mary!