Monday, August 24, 2009

My World Tuesday

Fernando Botero
Man on Horseback, 1984
98 3/8" x 76"x 52"
Extended loan from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1988

Nassau Museum of Art, Roslyn, N.Y.
outdoor sculpture

Fernando Botero is a Colombian-born painter and sculptor, best known for his satirical paintings of oversized, fleshy figures with large limbs and small bodies. Botero began making sculptures in 1971 as a natural evolution from his voluminous, three dimensional paintings, and now spends most of his summers working on sculpture at his home in Tuscany, near a reliable foundry. His rounded, smooth sculptures of people and animals exhibit a comic disregard for correct proportions. This self-assured gentleman in a suit and a bowler hat, his legs as large as those of the horse, emerges from the surrounding woods to greet visitors to the Museum.


boliyou said...

I've never seen these works before. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm on the island.

Wolynski said...

Love comic art - this guy is very funny and we never have enough laughter. Great photos.