Monday, September 21, 2009

My World Tuesday

Have you ever seen a sneaker hanging from the electrical wires overhead in your neighborhood? Or a woman's high-heeled shoe in the gutter on a Sunday morning?

Well, I bet you've never seen a little boy's shoe sitting on top of the waste can in your local shopping center? Have you?

When I passed the almost new brown shoe I looked at it again and went back to my car for my camera. Why do I every leave the camera behind?

This morning it wasn't there anymore. I really hope the Mom or Dad came back looking for the shoe and was delighted to find it perched there.

I think most people would leave it just where it was.


Sylvia K said...

Great shot, Mary! Hope the little guy got his shoe back!

Have a great week!


Photo Cache said...

Great shot indeed and a nice find in your world.

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eileeninmd said...

I have seen the sneakers hanging over the wires. Great shot, they might not know where they lost it? Thanks for sharing.

magiceye said...

lovely shot and sure hope the guy got his shoe back and made him sing 'what a wonderful world...

Snap said...

Wonderful shot!

JOE TODD said...

There is a story there great shot