Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekend Reflections

I took this shot at the Planting Fields at Coe Hall in Long Island, N.Y. If you look closely you can see me reflected in the mirror on the right as you look at the photo. You can also see the rest of the room and that gorgeous chandelier reflected in the mirror.

What I love is the light from the windows that reflects on the female Buddha, Kwan Yin, the divine feminine. I've posted another view of Kwan Yin before but this one is different from a different angle.

James of Newtown Area Photo hosts this new meme which I like very much.  Go visit him and the other participants in this meme. They'd love to have you I'm sure! :)


James said...

Oh I see you. Very nice reflection indeed. I couldn't even tel that it was a reflection at first.

Btw, You linked to last week's post by mistake.

Ellie said...

It is a great web of reflections. My favorite is the sparkles the chandelier left on the glossy surface of the statue. Like many lively sparkles all over the divine persona.

Ebie said...

Great photo, I see you! That window reflection on the left is pretty too!

James said...

No problem Mary. I came close to putting the wrong link in a few memes. :-)

Regina said...

Great reflections!

"Regina's Reflection Post"

RuneE said...

A very subtle reflection, but also very tantalizing. I like it!