Monday, November 23, 2009

My World Tuesday

This swan is one of two spendingthe winter in a park near me in Queens, N.Y.

The word swan is derived from Old English swan, akin to the German Schwan and Dutch zwaan and Swedish svan, in turn derived from Indo-European root *swen (to sound, to sing), whence Latin derives sonus (sound). Young swans are known as cygnets, from the Latin word for swan, cygnus. An adult male is a cob, from Middle English cobbe (leader of a group); an adult female is a pen.

Swans feed in the water and on land. They are almost entirely herbivorous, although small numbers of aquatic animals may be eaten. In the water food is obtained by up-ending or dabbling, and their diet is composed of the roots, tubers, stems and leaves of aquatic and submerged plants.

Swans form monogamous pair bonds that last for many years, and in some cases these can last for life. Modern genetic techniques are starting to reveal that 'divorces' are more common than previously thought. These bonds are maintained year round, even in gregarious and migratory species like the Tundra Swan, which congregate in large flocks in the wintering grounds. The nest is on the ground near water and about a metre across. Unlike many other ducks and geese the male helps with the nest construction.

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Happy Thanksgiving dear friends!


Riet said...

What a beautiful picture of that swan. Happy Thanksgiving

Jack and Joann said...

Oh, I'm so glad I came by to see that beautiful swan. It is gorgeous.

eileeninmd said...

Wonderful photo of teh swan, Happy Thanksgiving.

Happily Retired Gal said...

Lovely ;-)
Happy Thanksgiving to YOU and yours too!
Hugs and blessings,

Sylvia K said...

What an incredible capture of that gorgeous swan! Just terrific, Mary!

Enjoy your holiday!


Snap said...


Incredible shot of the swan. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

Gwendolyn said...

Beautiful bird. I like the texture in the water. Great capture. Thanks for sharing the history.

amatamari© said...

Magnificent! I really like the contrast of white and blu water!

Ann said...

You made it as thought the swan froze for you.

We have black swans here, and the necks longer than your white swwan.

Happy Thanksgiving

Anonymous said...

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