Saturday, July 31, 2010

Round Robin Photo Challenge

The challenge for today is "By the Water"




These fellas are surfing the waves at Robert Moses State Park on Long Island. I hope they get a chance to go to California or Australia to really surf the waves.

I love Robert Moses Park but I'm not a surfer. The water is cold and clean and stimulating even in July! Just so you know it's the Atlantic Ocean.

Thanks Carly and Karen for giving us so much fun!

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Rich said...

Hi Mary,

I grew up on the Cornwall coast, so I know all about cold water...

It looks like a beautiful beach!

have a great weekend :)

Rich said...

^^^ is that bad grammar?

I should have said 'Cornish coast'


Karen Funk Blocher said...

Oh, I like these a lot! I can feel the chill in the photos, even from here. Such serious surfing gear for not-so-serious waves!

George said...

I'm not a surfer either, but I do enjoy watching people surf when we visit the beach. I enjoy these pictures.

Linda said...

Nice pictures---I bet they're glad for the wet suits!

Mama Zen said...

Nice captures!

Carly said...

Hi Mary :)

Surfing looks like so much fun, I suppose I will never know at this point, lol, but I can just imagine how fun it must be! :) Everytime I see a surfer, the Beach Boys start to sing in my brain! LOL. I think I come with my own soundtrack. Tee Hee. Great photos hon!


Manang Kim said...

Love to watch surfers and be awed on how they manage to stand up on top of that huge wave. Great shot Mary, thanks for sharing! Happy weekend!


The Brown Recluse said...

I can't even ski, much less surf...but I enjoy watching those who can. Great choice...wonderful shots.

Robin said...

Very summery indeed, and that last surfer is quite easy on the eyes too ;).

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