Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My World Tuesday

From the roof of a Brooklyn brownstone.

In the foreground is the fire escape that begins on the roof . Notice there is no fencing to guard you from falling off the roof! Also the apartment buildings, tenements, brownstones of Brooklyn.

In the middle ground is what used to be the Brooklyn Navy Yard. That big building in the middle left will soon be condos.

In the far ground are the lower Manhattan slyscrapers.

Of course the Statue of Liberty at full zoom (10x),
so it's not so clear.

Thanks to the My World Team:

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Coffeedoff said...

Great to see photos of Brooklyn, I have often heard about it! Love the Statue of Liberty

chrome3d said...

Fine urban views across your neighbourhood. I guess there is no fencing because cops want to chase criminals by running after them and leaping from one building to another. I´m not sure but that´s the way it is in the movies!

SandyCarlson said...

Is that a view of Jersey City, too, Mary?

The statue is a beauty. A work of poetry.

BPOTW said...

Nice set of photos! It's a view that the rest of the world never sees.

Carolyn Ford said...

Very nice views! That rooftop without a guard rail looks a bit scary if you had to dash down that fire escape! Cops chasing criminals...it seems it would be easier to catch them if they were cornered by a fence???

Lew said...

Nice shots of the city skyline and statue. Interesting that none of the bridges showed up.