Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Reflections

James of Newtown Area Photo is the host of Weekend Reflections



Reflections from the Schwartz Mausoleum in Mt. Zion Cemetery located in Maspeth, N.Y.

The bottom reflection was taken very close up and through the bars in the door. You can see the funerary compartments along the right and left sides and the stained glass window reflecting against the sides.

Go visit James at Newtown Area Photo to see other participants.

In water one sees one's own face; But in wine one beholds the heart of another
French Proverb


Jan said...

Beautiful, Mary. I love the top one.

Barb said...

I like the patina in the first, Mary, and that second is a little eerie!

James said...

Good ones Mary. I like the door in the top one and the stained glass in the bottom one reflects really well.

Ann said...

I like the top door. I can imagine myself looking into the glass to see if anyone is home.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent Mary. Love the reflection. I didn't know you had this blog but I'm now following :) Have a great week ahead :)

Coffeedoff said...

Unusual place for such a pretty reflection.