Sunday, June 27, 2010

Summer Stock Sunday


Swim noodles are seen all over the pool, blue ones, pink ones, yellow ones. The kids and adult use them for floating in the pool. But this mom and son have found a new fun use for them. :)

If you've never seen a swim noodle here's a definition:

The Water Noodle, Swim Noodle, Pool Noodle, Noodle Chair, foam roller what ever you call it, is a flexible, Fun-In-The-Sun water toy and exercise float that has unlimited uses. People of all ages will have fun just noodling around with it. The Wacky Noodle can be used for floating, splashing, making waves, exercising, or riding like a seahorse. Possible uses are limited only by ones imagination.

Go visit Robin who is the host of Summer Stock Sunday.


ilanadavita said...

Very refreshing shot!

Julia Smith said...


Robin said...

You can blow bubbles through a noodle? I'm totally trying that!

Great Summer Stock shot Mary, it took a few minutes to find though - the link was for your haiku post.

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Thom said...

And what a great innovation that is. Cool photo my friend. :)