Saturday, February 7, 2009

Calvary Cemetery, Queens, N.Y.



Cemeteries are there to keep the dead in our midst, to expiate and get over our mourning. However, the artist notes that cemeteries are going through a regrettable metamorphosis.
Mankind’s social and sentimental history was legible on epitaphs and sculptures ; it is being erased little by little. The artist, therefore, is hoping his creations will help to fight the dereliction and abandonment of the necropolitan space. He endeavours, as he would (as indeed he will do) for his own monument, to fulfil (sic) the expectations of the families in quest of symbolism, personalization and emotion, in order to restore the mysterious and inexpressible holiness of our last resting place that helps to make Death less dreadfull (sic). ~Andre Cabot

The urn means immortality; an urn with a wreath means mourning.


splummer said...

Hi Mary,
I like your photos! They are beautiful even though weather and time are marking them. Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


Dianne said...

I love the angles you chose and the blue is a wonderful backdrop

Sockpuppet said...

these are beautiful

Carrizo said...


when photographing churches in my country, I always visit cemeteries. Your photos are really enjoyable.

If You some day travel to Paris, then visit the PereLaChaise cemetery. Visting Paris without visiting that cemetery, is that one do not know nothing about Paris. I have video in YouTube about it.